SeatonMiles, specialise in generating more customers for their clients through Facebook Advertising. Including stimulating engagement through various campaigns thus increasing Facebook business page likes, shares and comments.

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Every business needs and wants more customers. SeatonMiles will assist your business to embrace the social media world and harness the power of Facebook to generate healthy interest and customer base.

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Social Proof

Customers now look for social proof when they do their due diligence. Therefore it is vital your customers are actively engaging with your business creating social proof to assure new customers of your service.

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Customer Loyalty

Raving Fans

Business is easier when you have loyal customers, especially when these loyal customers are shouting your praises. Let SeatonMiles help your business to create a snowball effect of happy customers.

Do Facebook Business Pages Even Work?

A Bit of History

Many businesses have created Facebook business pages in the hope of engaging with their customers and increasing their customer base. However, instead of a flood of likes and shares, business owners are perplexed to reason their likes, shares and comments are consistently so low. The reason is in 2012 Facebook changed their algorithm, resulting in business pages no longer found in organic searches, business pages are therefore required to advertise. Business owners then realise that they don’t have the time to invest in learning the necessary skills and their business suffers.

You Don't Have The Time To Run Facebook Campaigns

You Run Your Business - We Run The Campaigns

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Best for business owners to run their business and not have to spread themselves across too many areas. SeatonMiles will take the daily burden and responsibility of setting up the Facebook advertising campaigns, managing the successes and improving the response. We are a results-driven business, as we achieve the results, so do you.

SeatonMiles Takes The Headace Out Of Social Media Marketing

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Helping you get more customers through Facebook advertising.


SeatonMiles Social Media Marketing Agency will relieve you from the stress of social media. We will handle all the social media requirements so that your Facebook page can erupt in traffic and engagements, bringing comments shares new custom and returning customers to your business for years to come.


SeatonMiles will take the pressure and deliver the results while you manage and run your business.


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