We support your business by working together to identify your business goals. Setting a unique strategy to achieve the business objectives you specify. By utilizing your Facebook Business Pages more effectively, your business will generate new customers while creating social proof for customers to trust and engage with your business.

Our results are not just immediate; we are also able to establish a strong foundational base for your social media platform to generate customers both now and in the future.

We Work With You, In Achieving Your Business Goals

The Support You Need

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No Need To Learn The Tech

We are transparent in our consultations working together to understand your business, so we can best serve. You don't need to know any technical aspects; however, we will keep you in the loop as we progress with your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

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Building Your Community

Ability to build a community of happy customers engaged in your Facebook Business Page develops social proof and raving fans, which leads to your customers evangelizing your products and services.

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Monthly Updates

We will regularly keep in contact, as to how the campaigns are progressing and the levels of engagement and customer increases.

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How to Get Started?

Just set an appointment by clicking the link below. One of our professional consultants will arrange a time to meet and evaluate your business requirements for your Facebook business page. We will create a unique and custom strategy to achieve your business goals. We will take care of the day to day setup and complete running of the Facebook campaigns, while you focus on running your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question?

Peruse our FAQ, if you don't find the answer, please feel free to contact us directly by completing the form on the contact page.

We pride ourselves on only charging for the work we have done and therefore we don't charge a joining fee and would prefer our clients to rather use any joining fee they may have expected on their advertising budget therefore investing in your business.

Facebook is one of the most successful businesses and social platforms on the planet and boasts over 83% of the online population. Facebook advertising does work, however, in 2012 Facebook changed their algorithm so that business pages no longer get organic traffic in the hope that businesses would invest in advertising their business pages. We specialise in Facebooks ads so that you don't have to spend your valuable time trying to stay abreast of learning the new technologies.

Engagement on Facebook is the interaction the visitor has with your content. They can view your content on your business page and then they are able to comment on the post, like the post or share the post. 

Engagement is a great way to build social proof, of your business and services you provide. The more people engage with your content and page the more social proof you will be able to build.

Yes, we will be able to set the ad campaigns up so that visitors can set appointments directly with your appointment software or reception.

Absolutely. The online visitor has developed and irrespective of what you may think of the social media wave that seems to have erupted, there is no doubt social media is here to stay. Facebook of all is defiantly going to remain at the forefront of social media growth.

Many businesses pages fail the business due to the fact that the business owners don't have the time to learn the skills and then to implement a successful advertising strategy. It is a specialised set of skills that are constantly developing.

This is a good question, very difficult to give a specific answer. However, we will start setting up the strategy and the campaigns immediately. The first few weeks is spent setting up, monitoring testing and devising the best campaigns. The 2-6 months is where the real growth is achieved. The snowball effect of the successful campaigns is received for months and years to come.

The advertising budget will be set in the consultation and is only done after we have identified the business goals. A strategy is then set and the budget is then calculated depending on the goals and the strategy.

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To get started building your customer base, community your business deserves. Just click on the button below and set a FREE appointment with one of our professional consultants. We will contact you and arrange a convenient time to meet.


In the meeting, we will discuss your Facebook business page goals and devise a unique strategy for your business. We will explain the process and how we can effectively grow your customers through Paid Facebook Advertisements. Get started today and set your FREE appointment.

I look forward to welcoming you as the latest client to Seaton Miles.

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